Gavin F (gavluvsga) wrote in millenniumgroup,
Gavin F

Confused About One Thing

I re-watched "Goodbye To All That" on DVD tonight and there was one bit that confused me...

At the end, between the scene with Frank and Jordan running out of the school and Emma logging into her computer, it showed a room full of files on the floor (or something) and you could see a man's dead body, and pool of blood where it appeared that he had committed suicide; you couldn't see who it was because the face was obscured so I was confused.

My first thought that it was maybe Watts (though I have no idea why he would have been killed or killed himself), then it occurred to me that it might have been Emma's father - maybe he'd killed himself for the same reason the killer in this episode (Luke, I think his name was).

So, anyway - whose body was it meant to be? I didn't recall seeing that scene before at all, though that must have been the 4th time I've seen that episode.

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